About hassan allam construction

Hassan Allam Construction is one of the largest general contracting companies in Egypt with rapidly growing divisions in Algeria, Libya, Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Founded in 1936 as a Contractor, we are widely recognised as an early pioneer of Egypt’s modern construction sector. Today, we continue to lead our industry with a large and vibrant business employing more than 11,000 individuals at home and around the Arab region.

Public works have always been fundamental to our business: we specialise in delivering large-scale, highly complex construction projects in sectors such as power generation, water and waste-water management, industrial construction, residential and commercial buildings and restoration.  Due to their sheer size and complexity, these projects tend to be nationally significant, often carried out in difficult conditions.

Responding to the changing nature of the regional construction sector, we created The Projects Group (TPG) - a pioneering infrastructure development and one of the very first specialist vehicles of its kind in Egypt. Hassan Allam Construction also owns a large equipment fleet and an extensive portfolio of associated business divisions: these include steel fabrication facilities, a pipe manufacturer and concrete products plant.

Our strength, as a contractor, has long been derived from an ability to execute highly demanding and critical building projects on time, and within budget. We enjoy deep resources of engineering, procurement and construction expertise as well as highly qualified people. We leverage these assets to provide a ‘one stop shop’ of technically sophisticated services for all stages of the construction cycle, stringently complying with best in class standards for health, safety and protection of the environment.

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